A Couple Of Just Lovely I, FRANKENSTEIN Clips

See bits now of what you probably won't see later.

I, Frankenstein is about to prove everyone wrong and come out in theaters just like a real movie. To that end, a couple clips have been showing up online to help entice viewers. One features I, Frankenstein speaking, while the other focuses more on I, Frankenstein fighting. This is in addition to the trailer, through which I have been forced to sit maybe a dozen times. Sunday I went to a double feature and saw it twice!

Look, I can't lie. I'm going to see this film. I sat through Legend of Hercules; I can sit through I, Frankenstein. There's always that dumb part of me that hopes for a gem buried deep within the nonsense of Aaron Eckhart as some kind of super cool version of Frankenstein's monster, and it's not like that part of me withered up and died just because it's -40 degrees outside (or was last week).

Anyway, here are the two clips. The film comes out January 24. Buy your tickets now if you want to get into a midnight showing before it sells out.