“badass digest is run by a bunch of female comic book lovers”

If you judge someone by their enemies, we've made the big time.

I just wanted to share this with everybody, because I think you'll all be as proud as I am: the Men's Rights section of Reddit has taken notice of our site and is unhappy with it. The title of this article is one comment on a very popular thread there complaining about our '11 Satanic Rules,' one of which states that Men's Rights Activists should consider themselves pre-banned from this site. 

What, you ask, is a Men's Rights Activist, and why should they be pre-banned? You know those people who say dumb shit like 'Why isn't there a White History Month?' - well, MRAs are like those people but specifically about men. They believe that society is biased against men and masculinity. They HATE feminists - like, raving madness hate. They're the kind of people who think women who report rapes are usually liars (and attention seekers, specifically). They feel the wage gap is a myth. They think that it's unfair that straight, white males - ie, the people who run the world - are open to mockery but women, blacks and gays aren't. 

Basically they see the current trend towards equality as a threat to their dominance. And since they're almost all weaklings, weenies and wimps, they lash out. These are the kinds of ineffectual men whose defense of masculinity comes across as almost ironic - lots of fedoras and goatees and anime fans, the kinds of guys that manly men scoff at. They're essentially the sort of losers who get turned down by women (they're big believers in the fallacy of the friendzone) and then get angry at all women everywhere. They're the kind of guys who spit anger about women saying they want nice guys but going for bad boys. They're whiners, complainers and useless lumps who are disrespected and mocked by all thinking people, even actual dyed-in-the-wool misogynists, who at least have the courage to not act like fucking victims all the time. The only reason most of these guys aren't date rapists is because they can't get dates.

So these are the guys who think white men are really having a tough go of it at the moment, and they think that this site - and its community of smart, engaged progressive nerds - is an enemy. I couldn't be happier. Congratulations, friends, we're the good guys. It's official. 

On the off chance you think I'm exaggerating, simply go to the Reddit thread and read some of the clueless comments. Or check out this image one of the Men's Rights guys left on a comment thread here: