Fantastic Fest Favorite ALMOST HUMAN Gets An Awesome Trailer

Blood and beard. Lots of it.

So many great films play Fantastic Fest that I can experience an entirely different action-comedy-weird Asian line up than friends focused more on horror selections. Almost Human was just one of many horror films I didn't get around to this year. At the time it didn't bug me that much to miss it, but then I became friendly with star-editor Josh Ethier and writer-director Joe Begos in the airport on the way home, and I felt really bad about missing their film (I did promise to break out screaming at some surprise point during our shared flight, though). Now I see this trailer and really feel like I fucked up. I swear to God that's the point of this massive humble brag of a paragraph.

This looks like a lot of gory fun, a throwback to '80s horror in ways that aren't too obvious or obnoxious. It's not like we ever stopped liking synth scores or 80 minute long genre exercises, anyway. On top of that, a lot of close pals speak highly of it.

Almost Human will enjoy a limited theatrical release as well as the usual VOD release starting February 21 thanks to IFC Midnight, who also put out the awesome Raze already this year. Be like me and see it as soon as you can. And keep in mind that it is NOT the Robot-Cop FOX TV show starring Judge Dredd, though I kind of want to see that too.