Film Crit Hulk’s Book Is Now On The iBooks Store!

It took forever, but you can buy SCREENWRITING 101 for your Apple devices.

It was a long wait - weeks and weeks and weeks - but Film Crit Hulk's Screenwriting 101 is finally available on the iBooks store through iTunes. It's been on Kindle for a while (where it's DRM free and thus can be ported to any device you like), but many people were holding out for the official iBooks release. It's here!

A quick reminder: this book isn't just for screenwriters. It's for anyone who writes stories or who consumes them; Hulk's book is a fascinating and erudite examination of the nature of story and storytelling, and it'll make you a better writer as well as a better consumer of stories. Basically this is an automatic +1 to your Intelligence stat. 

Click here to buy the book on iBooks!