Whew! AVATAR 2-17 Will Have Actors In It

Almost-crisis averted.

Despite its massive success, I still have a difficult time believing there will be a bunch more Avatar sequels. The film certainly has its hardcore fans, but many of them seem to be very, very shy. Whatever monetary evidence people can pull up to prove me wrong, I just never got the feeling this story and world connected with people the way other massive blockbusters have. Its cultural footprint was big but faded quickly, and now Avatar shirts seem like thrift store fare.

But a massive blockbuster it was. And therefore it has every right to stay around until everyone hates it. We've known since fairly early on that James Cameron intended to stay in the Avatar world (the planet is called "Paradise" or "Spotify" or something like that, right?) for a while. Three whiles, actually. Starting in 2016, we'll be getting an Avatar film every year for three years.

This is old news, but no one ever stopped to ask what Avatar actors Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana thought. Today we finally discover that their opinion is "Yeah, sure." According to The Hollywood Reporter, both actors have signed on to the three sequels. Stephen Lang already signed up a while ago. He died in the first one, so this time he's going to play a mystical underwater reef.

It's good these actors are returning. Without the charisma of Sam Worthington and the magical chemistry he shared with Zoe Saldana, it's unlikely Cameron would have been able to recreate the dynamic romance that melted so many 11 year old hearts in the first film. Those kids will be at least 18 when the new one comes out, so nudity will have to come into play if Cameron wants to keep his fan base happy.