AGENT CARTER Show May Be Real, May Have Writers

The rumored show about SHIELD's early days could actually be happening. 

Rumors have been swirling that a new Marvel TV series called Agent Carter is in the works. It would springboard off the wonderful Marvel One Shot on the Iron Man Three Blu, and would feature Peggy Carter's adventures during the earliest days of SHIELD. Those rumors have been unsubstantiated, but today could be the day - ABC is giving their presentation at the TCA press tour, a grueling event where TV press sit in a hotel lobby for literally weeks and do panel interviews.

According to Deadline the show is real and it has executive producers - Tara Butters and Michele Fazakas, co-creators of the show Reapers that I never watched and thus can have no opinion on. We should know in a few hours.

Pro: this is a great idea for a show (although it could be called Peggy Carter, Agent of SHIELD)! Early stories have the tremendous Hayley Atwell signed on, and Dominic Cooper has said he would love to keep playing Howard Stark on the show. 

Con: this is again on ABC. There are a lot of reasons why Agents of SHIELD has turned out to be a turd, but the demands of network television is certainly one of them. The bigwigs at Marvel Studios aren't particularly pleased with Agents of SHIELD - will they be happier with Agent Carter?

Speculation: Agents of SHIELD ends with this season. I believe there will be no more SHIELD after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and so the show will be redundant, and the ratings suck. It will be moved off the schedule and Agent Carter will replace it. Anyone taking bets?

I'm at Sundance, so I won't be following the TCAs closely. Feel free to update in the comments.