BLUE RUIN Gets A Trailer And The Trailer Gets It Right

Jeremy Saulnier's revenge poem hits theaters April 25.

Blue Ruin is one of the last films I saw at Fantastic Fest, and it was the film that left the longest-lasting impression on me. Afterward I kept thinking what a stellar double feature writer/director Jeremy Saulnier's revenge thriller would make with Rolling Thunder - Blue Ruin shares that film's unadorned beauty, its pure commitment to the inevitability of its story.

And while Blue Ruin has no hot, young Tommy Lee Jones to boast of, it instead offers an extraordinary performance from Macon Blair, who plays a broken man driven only by his need to avenge the murder of his parents. I haven't seen Blair in anything else, but I think about his performance often, how quietly arresting he was, how confounding.

The poster for the film also debuted this week. I love it:

Blue Ruin heads to theaters April 25. See it, and spend the next several months stewing over it, as I have.