Amy Poehler’s Got A New NBC Show Starring Natasha Lyonne

And if that isn't just the greatest combination of names ever, I'll eat my hat.

Amy Poehler's been given a three-year overall deal at NBC, unofficially securing Parks and Recreation for a seventh season and greenlighting a pilot for a brand new project produced by Poehler and starring Natasha Lyonne, tentatively titled Old Soul. Lyonne will star a young woman who’s trying to find herself, but in the meantime she’s working as the aide to a group of opinionated elderly people. 'This show, hopefully, will blow up some of the cliches we think about old people,' NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said. 'It’s been a while since The Golden Girls gave us a funny and insightful ensemble of seniors, and I hope this show will do that too.'

I'm sorry, did you just reference The Golden Girls as an inspiration for a new sit-com starring Natasha Lyonne and created by Amy Poehler? Is it my birthday? Has somebody been reading my dream journal?

I've always loved Lyonne - even when she went off the rails she did so in a spectacularly memorable fashion - and I'm so thrilled that she's getting great roles again. I do wonder what this means for Orange is the New Black, but that series has abbreviated seasons and she's not the star, so presumably she could do both.

Also, I love this quote from Greenblatt:

There’s great actors available to play roles like this.We spend a lot of time looking for 20‑ and 30‑somethings and not that much time looking for 60‑somethings. So we just thought it was a different way to go with a comedy landscape that starts to feel very familiar and homogeneous.

Yeah! Let's heterogenize this baby! I'm reminded of when Poehler wanted to cast Louis C.K. on Parks and Rec as a "hunky but not very smart guy," and showrunner Mike Schur said he didn't fit the character description. Poehler just replied: "It doesn't matter. He's funny." Schur now calls this the Poehler Doctrine: "It doesn't matter what the situation is, just get the funniest people you can find and put them on your show." Even (especially!) if those people are sixty.