Full HANNIBAL Trailer Is Eerie And Thrilling

C'mon, February 28!

I'm going to remember. And when I do...there will be a reckoning.

You know, despite the title, it's only now occurring to me that Will Graham may not be the protagonist of Hannibal. I think I could be okay with that.

The full trailer for Hannibal's second season makes it pretty clear that the chips are going to fall where they may in the near future of Bryan Fuller's gruesome opera. Of course it's a little delicious seeing Dr. Lecter working as a consultant for the FBI - in the same role Will Graham once occupied, no less - but I think I'm more excited about the directly confrontational scenes between Lecter and Jack, and Lecter and Alana. Mads Mikkelsen is a delight as a dashing, brilliant psychiatrist-cum-cuisinier, but I like him best as a killer. An overtly evil, no-fucks-giving killer.

And as for Will Graham? I hope he does remember and there is a reckoning. Like everyone, I'm finding his intense fragility a little stale, and I'm ready for him to show some tenacity and fight back.

February 28th, my friends! Less than a month away.