Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike take a walk.

Once upon a time there was a movie production called The Outsider moving forward. It had funding and everything! This movie was particularly exciting because it was to be an English language film by Takashi Miike starring Tom Hardy. Regardless of quality, that's a ticket sold right there.

Not all stories that begin with "Once upon a time" end with "And they lived happily ever after," unfortunately. Twitch Film reports that Hardy has walked away from the film, followed closely by Miike. So now the movie is just a question mark with a plot.

That plot involves an ex-soldier who joins the Yakuza right after World War II. It still might end up being something worth seeing, but one without the very peculiar and exciting talent team-up that made anyone care about the synopsis in the first place. Maybe now it will turn into an Edward Zwick film starring Tom Cruise instead.