Universal Releases First Official DUMB AND DUMBER TO Image

Harry is in it. Lloyd too. They look pretty stupid.

Jeez, there's going to be a new Dumb and Dumber movie this November. I kind of can't believe it. This is a picture of what it will look like. I kind of can't believe that either. They barely look any older! Maybe it's true what they say: "Dumb-ass don't crack-ass." If no one around you says that, you must not be hanging out with very cool people. I can't get five steps into my local vintage record store/head shop/tattoo parlor/prenatal yoga center without hearing at least one person exclaim: "Hey man, Dumb-ass don't crack-ass!" and then laugh a lot. Like, everyone in the building laughs.

I believe the phrase originally meant that dumb people don't get old because they are dumb and find a way to die long before their asses wrinkle. But with time and frequent usage, its meaning has mutated. Now it seems like people use the phrase to erroneously explain why so many dumb people remain visually youthful regardless of age, which isn't even a real "thing," except as an adopted reality which rationalizes the phrase's most recent usage.

While it's true that dumb people don't usually carry around the same worries and stress as smarter folk, their lack of knowledge does not save them from the aging process as a rule. Some dummies age well. Others look like idiots at an earlier than normal age. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Just genes. So if Harry and Lloyd look younger than you'd expect, maybe we shouldn't try to explain it away with some nonsensical popular idiom that doesn't even rhyme the way its supposed to. Otherwise we sound just as bad as they are, only worse because we should know better.