CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS Voice Cast Indicates Adaptation Will Not Be A Drama

Another opportunity for pathos and beauty crushed by the Hollywood machine.

We all know the story of Captain Underpants. He is a superhero who cannot wear pants. For years, millions of children have read his books and been moved by his unfortunate plight.

This of course means a movie adaptation comes next. Something seemed amiss, however, when it was announced that the Captain Underpants film would be animated. Now that sinking feeling has been confirmed as accurate.

The Wrap has revealed Captain Underpants' vocal cast. It appears that Hollywood, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen to make a mockery of the Captain by turning his story into a comedy, so that we may laugh at this poor soul rather than understand his pain and suffering.

The movie will feature voice work from Kevin Hart as well as from funny people like Ed Helms, Nick Kroll, and Jordan Peele. On top of that, the film will be directed by Monsters vs. Aliens' Rob Letterman and written by The Muppets' Nick Stoller. Both those films are supposed to be funny. Given all this info, if Captain Underpants does not end up a comedy as well, it'll be one of the strangest dramas ever. Don't count on such justice coming to the multiplex any time soon. I will have a petition up later tonight for those who feel compelled to take action. Underpantzers Unite!