New TMNT Movie To Become Year’s Creepiest Halloween Costumes

Get your first look at the new Ninja Turtles in the form of a terrifying murder mask. 

There's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie coming out. You may have heard about it because grown men have been vocally upset about it on the internet for the last few months, which is about as good a sign of the death of our civilization as any. 

The burning question about this new iteration of Ninja Turtles has been: why? But also: what will they look like? And the image above gives us a clue. It's a Halloween costume version of Michaelangelo, and it is creepy as fuck. There's just something off about his face - maybe it's the lips? - and the business on the skintight suit is off-putting. I guess the big news here is that these Ninja Turtles will wear clothes and accessories, like sunglasses and a hoodie around their waists. I'm sure someone over the age of 25 will take actual issue with this. 

Semi-unrelated: all of the TMNT talk led me to revisit the original comic book series, which is really kind of profoundly weird. There were a lot of complaints that the new movie might make the turtles into aliens, but that's not particularly weirder than what was in the comic.