RIP Riz Ortolani, Who Made Beautiful Music For Ugly Movies

The composer of the CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST soundtrack has passed.

A quick note: Riz Ortolani, the Italian composer whose music is featured in films like Mondo CaneCannibal Holocaust and Goodbye Uncle Tom, has passed away at the age of 87. Ortolani was nominated for an Oscar for his song More from Mondo Cane, and Frank Sinatra eventually covered it!

Ortolani composed hundreds of soundtracks, but he's most famous for pairing truly gorgeous and often relaxing music with some of the ugliest images ever committed to film (the track embedded at the top of this piece is his theme to Cannibal Holocaust). His passing is a little personal to us, as his track Miami from Goodbye Uncle Tom is the official opening theme of the Badass Padcast Podcast.