Tarantino Would Have Shot THE HATEFUL EIGHT In 70MM

Another reason to be sad the movie is shelved.

After the script for The Hateful Eight leaked Quentin Tarantino, irritated and betrayed, scrapped the project. He said he may come back to it in the future, but for now he's walking away. Which means he's walking away from shooting his first film in 70mm. 

The entire first page of the script reiterates again and again the fact that Tarantino was going to shoot in 70. And not just 70, Cinemascope:



CinemaScope is one of the great early anamorphic lenses, creating a super-wide image that is pretty much the iconic visual for what we consider 'cinematic.' It's the kind of stunning widescreen stuff that really makes the moviegoing experience so special (and was used to combat the growing popularity of television). 

What's especially cool in the above excerpt (sent to me by an industry friend) is how excited Tarantino is about 70mm. He's mentioning it again and again! The Master was a glorious experience in 70, and I bet The Hateful Eight would have been a visual delight. 

Oh well.