Meet Jessie Kahnweiler’s Rapist

Watch a Slamdance comedy short about... rape?

When Jessie Kahnweiler emailed me about her Slamdance short, Meet My Rapist, I kind of expected a glum, heavy piece of filmmaking. She said it was "about confronting the dude who raped me 8 years ago while showing him the effect he's had on my life," which definitely feels like the sort of feel-bad stuff you expect from film festival shorts. But she also mentioned it was a dark comedy, so I gave it a shot. 

I'm glad I did. Meet My Rapist is great. Kahnweiler has a unique talent - she's able to get across the way her rape haunts her years later while also being very funny. The way that she uses humor to get to the catharsis at the end is incredible, and really brave. Her comedic delivery is terrific, especially her arsenal of expressions. Also, the short features the awesome line "Are you gonna be able to take care of our daughter on a rapist's salary?"

Meet My Rapist communicates the complexities of being a survivor of rape and living with the confusing, upsetting, insistent memory of that horrible crime in a way I've never seen before. For more of Kahnweiler's work, check out her website.