Mitt Romney Took A Twitpic With Zack Braff And Quoted HUNGER GAMES

What in the fuck...

MItt Romney and Zach Braff both had movies at Sundance, and it seems they flew out of Salt Lake City today on the same flight. And were seated together. And took a cutesy photo together. Which is all pretty terrible, what with these guys both exemplifying some of the worst aspects of white people, but what makes it baffling and made me want to post it on the site is the fact that Mitt included a quote from The Hunger Games in his tweet. To wit:

What's best about this is that Mitt Romney is clearly the kind of guy who would be all for the Hunger Games being enacted in the real world. Remember, he's the dude who likes firing people. Loves it. Who complains about the huge percentage of people hanging off his wealth. He seems like the kind of guy who would delight in seeing the poor fight each other to the death. 

Zach Braff would make a quirky, emotionally facile indie movie about it. Which he would Kickstart, and he would use some of the money to fly first class next to this super rich ex-politician.