The Best Movie-Related Mormon Memes

The revelations of the Angel Moroni, as represented by image memes. 

I just returned home from Utah, so I have Mormons on the mind (and my mind on the Mormons). You'll never meet a nicer, more polite, cleaner cut group of largely white white white people, and you'll also never meet people who make you more vaguely uncomfortable than hardcore LDS types. They're so nice that it swings back around into being creepy. 

But that's unfair - the reality is that most Mormons are super nice, but they're painfully, absolutely, unbendingly square. How square? Well, some young hip Mormons have started a Facebook page devoted to putting a Mormon spin on popular internet memes and the ones that aren't wholly impenetrable - jokes about "Liahona" and stake dances and premortal stuff - are just thuddingly bizarre. It's just about my favorite Facebook page. Mormon Memes doesn't only have movie-related memes (they have a pretty sweet one of Psy doing the horsey dance and it says "HEEEEEYYYYYY MORMON LADY!"), but these are the ones most appropriate to a website that's sometimes about movies. 

Some of these make me wonder if the meme-makers have seen the movie in question. This is one of those. Do they know that's Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort, and that ain't Jesus' sunshine, that's the poison of a basilisk tooth destroying his evil self?

Like I said, they're really, really square.

They're so square they think being a Trekkie is cool. There are a lot of "Hipster Early Mormon" and "Hipster Joseph Smith" memes, and each of them makes me happy. 

Not really a meme, but pretty funny. And I assume something you can pretty much only buy in Salt Lake City. 

I don't know what a stake dance is, but I like the idea of reading Mormon stuff in Rebel Wilson's voice.

This one DELIGHTS me. It's so lame on every level, from thinking The Expendables is cool to comparing a religious leadership group made up of ancient honkies to action heroes. This is so good, and I can't even imagine the kind of 20 year old kid who is like, "Yeah, well I think Thomas Monson is totally badass! Excuse me while I chug this milk."

There are a couple that feel like they're cheeky self-deprecation. Maybe this is one of them? Is this meme saying that the beliefs of Mormons are too complicated and weird?

There are a lot of memes about people speaking too long in church and other indoctrination sessions (that's what I'm assuming a Sacrament Meeting is). This is probably the best one. What if Harvey Dent had been a Mormon? Would Two-Face have simply sipped a cappuccino and used the word 'damn' when he went bad?

HIpster Joe Smith! I don't actually understand what this means, exactly. 

Some of these are relatable on a 6th grade level. I'm assuming this is actually a standard-issue tween meme that has been repurposed to make it about LDS. 

Impenetrable jargon! I could actually believe this one was from Scientology (whoa, are there Scientologist memes? Homework assignment for myself...) what with the mangled English of "sustaining someone into nursery." That's absolute cult speak. 


This one is good because it represents the way Mormon Memes will take dark pop culture elements and then cluelessly twist them into something upbeat. That's so Mormon. Also, this one compares teen Mormons traveling abroad to a planetary genocide. See also the image at the top of this page, where Darth Vader is freaking Luke Skywalker out with the Book of Mormon.

There are some Napoleon Dynamite memes, but fewer than you might expect, considering the movie is like a majority Mormon production. You'd think Napoleon Dynamite, made by and starring BYU alums, would be bigger with the LDS crowd. They seem to fucking love Hunger Games, though. They also love...