FROZEN’s Josh Gad As The Thing In FANTASTIC FOUR? “Not True” Says Josh Trank

Josh debunks Josh.

Josh Trank probably has a lot on his hands as Fantastic Four has to begin lumbering forward to meet a release deadline cemented by Fox's desire to keep the rights to Marvel Comics' cornerstone characters. But that hasn't kept him from hitting Twitter to quickly debunk some rumors surrounding his movie. First he denied a plot synopsis that saw Reed Richards and Ben Grimm as living weapons escaping from a government facility, and now he's batting down casting rumors.

It's been reported that Josh Gad - recently known as Olaf the Snowman in Frozen - was up for the role of Ben Grimm. I expressed my bewildermint on Twitter - Gad just seems wrong wrong wrong for Grimm to me - and Trank stepped in to clear shit up. 


That seems pretty cut and dried.

What's up with Fantastic Four? The delays in shooting mean the production is probably right up against the legal limit for getting underway before rights revert to Marvel. I'm in a weird position here - I like Trank and think he'd be great directing, but I'd truly love to see Marvel's First Family go home. I suppose I should just simply hope for a great movie, whoever releases it.