HANNIBAL Season One Is Now Streaming On Amazon Prime

Get on it!

Hannibal Season Two starts up February 28, and I hope you can join me for my weekly reviews. In the meantime, Amazon Prime just added an unlimited streaming option for Season One, free to Prime members. Get caught up!

This seems like as good a time as any to say that I really value my Amazon Prime membership. The service offers plenty of streaming options unavailable on Hulu or Netflix, in addition to the free two-day shipping. Coupled with my Kindle Fire, I feel like I have a world of entertainment at my fingertips! Okay, commercial over. No one's paying me for this. I just really like Amazon Prime.

And, of course, I really like Hannibal. As much as I enjoyed the first season - and I really, really did - I have higher hopes for Season Two. There's a bit of wheel-spinning in the first season, and far too much of Will's empathy disability. I think a more streamlined, faster-moving second season (and only somewhat faster, as I do love the lyrical, graceful pace of the show) will take this series from very good to great.

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