JOE Trailer: Time To Take Nicolas Cage Seriously Again

The beard dares you to laugh. It is a trap.

We all like to joke about Nicolas Cage. That's okay. He kind of deserves it. But we also sometimes lose sight of the fact that Nicolas Cage can be incredible when given the right material. And despite his goofy beard and tattoos, this Joe trailer indicates some seriously incredible Nicolas Cage action on the horizon.

Even if David Gordon Green, whose Prince Avalance was easily one of my favorite 2013 films, weren't a factor, this movie would be must-see material. The trailer doesn't give you any room for Cage jokes at all. It starts off interesting, then it gets intense, then it gets a bit crazy. I'm dying to see it.

Joe played TIFF last year, and Cage's performance in particular won a lot of accolades. Despite the sudden appearance of this trailer, the film does not yet have an American release date.