Kris Van Damme Wants To Be In STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Everybody has a dream.

I am starting to really love people who just put it all out there at the risk of looking foolish. For instance, a great video of Vin Diesel singing and dancing just for his fans has been making the rounds today. Instinctively, it's the kind of thing that inspires ridicule. But if you can suppress that reaction, you'll find something genuinely sweet and wonderful instead. That's basically what Vin Diesel's all about these days.

With that in mind, Kris Van Damme, Jean-Claude Van Damme's son, wants to be in a Star Wars movie. And they happen to be making one right now (allegedly). So he put together a demo to illustrate his potential as a Sith Lord. I think it merits some attention.

This 70-second clip is really just a series of photos where Kris does menacing stances amid a desert backdrop. In many of them, the desert backdrop appears to a bigger attraction than Kris himself. But he does have a Sith outfit. And a lightsaber. And he can put his foot really high in the air.

Will Van Damme's dream come true? It seems unlikely, but you never know. He's not an awful actor, by the way. He shows up frequently in JCVD films and was particularly good in 6 Bullets, a movie I really enjoyed (Van Damme plays an alcoholic butcher, what's not to like?). Jean-Claude Van Damme even cast him as a younger version of himself in The Quest!

I only know about this promo in the first place because I follow Jean-Claude Van Damme on Twitter, and he promoted it. That alone makes it too sweet to just dismiss as novelty.