What If Bob Kane Created Batman All On His Own?

A comic look at just how much Bill Finger gave to the character.

Bob Kane created Batman. That's the official history, and he gets all the credit. The reality, as always, is more complicated, and it turns out that a huge amount of what we know as Batman - possibly just about everything we know about Batman, including Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon, The Batcave, Robin, the look of the costume and... well, everything except the name of the character - came from a guy named Bill Finger. Finger's never gotten his due (partially, I've read, because of a disposition that didn't lend itself to fighting for credits) but as his 100th birthday approaches (February 8th) some creators are hoping to give everybody The Finger - the Bill Finger - by celebrating his contributions, possibly with a Google Doodle. Visit Templeton's site for details on how to bug Google about it.

Ty Templeton created this comic, illustrating what a Batman adventure might have been like if Bob Kane was the sole creator, as has been often stated: