A YOU’RE NEXT Deleted Scene Comes To Terrifying, Awful Life

This is not a story for dog lovers. Can the internet help find these monsters?

In the first draft of You're Next writer Simon Barrett had the animal mask intruders break into a home and kill a dog, writing "YOU'RE NEXT" in canine blood. But he then thought better of it, saying killing a dog "seemed too horrible and cruel." And he's right - killing a dog in a movie is so rarely earned that when it happens it just feels like juvenile shock tactics. 

Unfortunately not everybody in the world is as restrained as Barrett and director Adam Wingard. Also, unfortunately not everybody takes out their horrible impulses in movies, where it's safe. Some people do it in real life, and someone acted out that deleted opening scene of You're Next in the real world. On January 21st 69 year old Elaine Vasquez returned to her Ft. Lauderdale home to find the door smashed in and every room ransacked. A trail of blood led to a truly upsetting discovery: her dachsund, Papi, had been murdered and was left hanging in a closet. A knife covered in his blood was found near the words "YOU NEXT," written on the front door of the home. 

As if all of this wasn't terrible enough, Papi had been the beloved dog of Mrs. Vasquez' husband, who passed away in 2010. 

The evil crime came a week after You're Next was released on home video, and that release includes Barrett recounting the scrapped opening on the commentary. It's too awful to imagine that this tidbit of trivia inspired this crime, and I hope for Simon's sake that it's unrelated. 

The motherfuckers who did this should be brought to swift, harsh justice. Spread this far and wide, and if you or anyone you know has any information about what sort of inhuman shits would do this, contact the Fort Lauderdale police immediately. Anyone capable of killing a small dog like that doesn't deserve your respect, protection or support. I'm usually against snitching, but these are some extenuating fucking circumstances.