M. Night Shyamalan Gets To Make Another Film

This time with some of that Bruce Willis magic.

Poor M. Night Shyamalan. I kind of like him, even when I don't like his films. There's a serenity to his movies that I find interesting when it doesn't cross over into blatant obnoxiousness.

But this does not appear to be a very popular take on the filmmaker. The fact that he'll be making a new movie probably fills many of you with apprehension. According to Deadline, Shyamalan will next work on a film called Labor of Love, which is actually based on a script he wrote a long time ago. He worked very hard on it. For no money (well, he sold it, so that's not exactly true). We have a saying for that, but I forget what it is.

Bruce Willis will star as a book store owner who loses his lady in an accident. Being Bruce Willis, he never let her know his true feelings for her. Now that she's dead, he chooses to show her ghost his affection by walking across the country.

So that sounds pretty awful. I take back what I said. Labor of Love should begin filming in September.