You Should Watch GRAND PIANO Today

The near-perfect thriller is out on VOD.

This isn't a commercial or anything like that. Think of it more as a public service announcement. The world of VOD releasing is a bit strange, and we don't always know when something we're looking forward to becomes available since it doesn't have a typical theatrical release.

So it's my pleasure to tell you that Grand Piano is available to rent on iTunes and Amazon right now. Having seen it at Fantastic Fest, I can tell you it is worth every penny. This is just a really well-made classic thriller with no fat from beginning to end. Sometimes it can be hard to pick a movie to watch. This should help with that. I've yet to hear anyone say a bad thing about Grand Piano. It's really, really good. Proof: Alex Winter is in it.

Here's a trailer if you need more than just my word on this:

And /Film premiered a nice new poster for the film as well:

For those lucky enough to live in a cool city, Grand Piano will hit theaters on March 7.