Since this is the best batch of BADASS SUNDAY COMICS we've ever had, Scott's giving one of this week's artists something cool...with your help.

We're gonna keep it short and sweet this week, folks.  

After all, there's nothing I could say that'd be half as entertaining as this week's batch of Badass Sunday Comics.  I'm pretty sure this is the best collection of strips we've ever published, and everyone involved-- artists Tony D'Amato, Spencer Moore, Jim Flanagan, Diarmaid Hanly, and Daniel Estrella-- deserves a huge round of applause.  I'm so in love with this week's strips, in fact, that I'm going to flip through my flat file (it's all silkscreened movie posters, Mondo stuff, etc;  sorry, blueprint enthusiasts) and find a prize for one of you.  What's more;  I'm going to let the crowd pick the winner.  I trust they'll get it right.

BAD readers, I call upon you to read through this week's strips and vote for the one you like best (make sure you vote using the strip's name or the artist's name, just for sake of ease while vote-tallying). This coming Friday, I'll count up all the votes posted in the comments section, and whoever's earned the most will get something cool shipped to them, on me.  Work this solid simply deserves to be rewarded, so please:  take a moment to help one of these guys win something cool.  

See if you don't agree:

We'll be back in two weeks with Badass Sunday Comics #5.  Wanna submit your own strip for consideration?  Have your entries turned in to me via Twitter (@LimitedPaper) or via email (LimitedPaper-at-Gmail) by Friday, February 14th to be considered for inclusion.  And don't forget:  vote for your favorite Badass Sunday Comics #4 strip in the comments section below!  I'll announce the winner via Twitter on Valentine's Day, and the winner's prize will be shipped out shortly thereafter.