The Most Hardcore Vigilante-Style Lawyer Commercial Of All Time

And it ran during the Super Bowl! Just probably not in your market.

How good is the income of a personal injury lawyer? Good enough that Jamie Casino could make this dazzling, metal-inflected two minute commercial/vigilante origin story for his firm and air it during the Super Bowl. Not the national feed of the Super Bowl, of course - this aired only in Savannah Georgia. Lucky Savannah.

It's the grim n' gritty story of how Jamie Casino went from repping criminals to brandishing a FLAMING SLEDGEHAMMER (and smashing his brother's grave with it?) in pursuiit of justice and big cash settlements for people who have been personally injured. He's like Batman, but if Batman sued The Joker for damages rather than beat him up (actually, he's probably the guy who represents the Joker and sues Bruce Wayne for damages, as he's discovered a connection between Wayne Enterprises money and the Batman but nobody can identify the Batman). 

I feel like Neil Breen needs to option this story.