New DIVERGENT Trailer Attempts To Win Non-DIVERGENT Fans

They are all members of the "Another one of these?" faction.

The whole Divergent thing really perplexes me. I don't understand the world. I don't understand these goofy factions. I don't understand if the main character is some kind of superhero compared to everyone else. I just don't get it. Everything I hear about it makes me start asking questions in a voice not unlike Jerry Seinfeld's.

But unlike the film's first trailer, this new one at least tries to explain things to dumb people like me. It starts off with exposition about some kind of war 100 years ago, and then I lost track of what was going on. But they did try. It's not their fault I'm too hung up on this faction concept to pay attention to anything else.

Divergent seems to be a very popular book series with young people, so I doubt anyone's worried about whether or not I like the premise. This first of three films comes out March 21. Hopefully it doesn't get shoved into the "disaster" faction because I don't think it would get along well with Waterworld.