Super Funny People Ken Marino And Casey Wilson Have A New Sit-Com

Well, they have a sit-com pilot. But fingers crossed!

I love Ken Marino. I love Casey Wilson. I have never seen Happy Endings but I heard it was really good (speak up in the comments?). So it feels like nothing but good news to hear that Marino and Wilson are set to co-star in a sit-com pilot for NBC called Marry Me, from Happy Endings creator (and Wilson's real-life fiancé) David Caspe.

Although full disclosure: the premise doesn't sound particularly interesting to me. The show "revolves around a young couple (Marino and Wilson) who get engaged, something they quickly realize is harder than it looks." I have been half of an engaged young couple, and it was neither all that challenging nor especially hilarious. But I have faith in Marino and Wilson, who have charmed me and cracked me up again and again. And I have sky-high hopes that their respective connections to the endlessly hilarious June Diane Raphael (Wilson's writing partner and Marino's co-star on Burning Love) mean that she'll drop by.

Okay, one more nitpick: a "young" couple? Wilson, sure, but Marino is 45 years old. It's not like he's ready for dentures yet, but as always, I can't imagine a 45-year-old woman cast as the fiancée to a 33-year-old man, unless that age difference made up the sole premise of the comedy.

Whatever. Ken Marino is wonderful and I want him in everything. He and Casey Wilson will make amazing comedic partners for one another. I promise I think this is good news.