Badass Podcast #9: Which SALO, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM Character Are You?

The triumphant return of Evan and Devin to your ears!

We're back! This week's shoddily recorded effort has Evan Saathoff and myself chatting about all sorts of things in the movie world. Since we recorded on Sunday the episode starts off with some sad Philip Seymour Hoffman memories, and then we talk about The Raid 2 (and my hope that PSH got to see it while he was at Sundance). We also broach the topic of the Super Bowl commercials, I discuss Nurse 3D and Evan gushes about The Lego Movie. And finally we take questions from the listeners, and Evan is kind enough to only choose ones that won't make me have to think of a movie off the top of my head.

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