Don’t Ever Piss Off Bigfoot Enthusiasts

The Drafthouse has angered the sasquatch-loving community by planning an evening with Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer.

On February 24 and 25, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Houston, Texas will present An Evening with Bigfoot – quite possibly the greatest event I have ever been a part of in my short time as a programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

For those not current with the latest in Bigfoot hunting and tracking news, former Bigfoot hoaxer Rick Dyer recently found his way back into the spotlight after revealing photos of a sasquatch he claims to have caught and killed outside of San Antonio, Texas in 2012.

Sure, Dyer may have once tried to hold a press conference revealing that he had found Bigfoot only to display a rubber gorilla mask, but Dyer claims it is this original hoax that, in an origin story akin to a comic book superhero, drove him to atone for his past sins by tracking down (and killing) Bigfoot once and for all.

Dyer, as the story goes, tracked the Bigfoot to a patch of woods on the northwest side of San Antonio in September 2012. Dyer lured the beast by nailing ribs (purchased at Wal-Mart, naturally) to trees. It was while the great North American Man-Ape was snacking on these ribs that Dyer shot the monster – felling the creature that has eluded cryptozoologists for decades. Naturally, now that Dyer has the monster in his possession (he has spent the ensuing time testing Bigfoot’s DNA with the help of an unnamed university), he’s going to do the only sensible thing one would do with the corpse of a heretofore undiscovered scientific discovery – tour it!

Dyer will join us at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas at Mason Park and Vintage Park on February 24 and 25 respectively – offering up an insightful and detailed look at what it takes to kill one of the rarest creatures on this planet. In an in-depth, on-stage interview, we’re going to ask Dyer the tough questions: How is it that a giant manlike ape creature has managed to avoid people for all these years; what are the legal and ethical questions that come with killing a missing link to humanity; and is there a special seasoning that Bigfoots prefer on their ribs?

In addition, attendees will be treated to a top-secret screening of a Bigfoot-related film and a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to glimpse upon the body of a supposed Bigfoot. They say seeing is believing and Rick Dyer is willing to put his discovery to the test – allowing audience members a chance to get up close and personal with the body of Hank (yes, Rick gave it a name).

This literally is the event they don’t want you to see.

And by “they,” I mean the Bigfoot enthusiast community behind Bigfoot Tracker News, a website dedicated to being the thorn at hunter Rick Dyer’s side - and the wind beneath my controversy-loving wings.

Even before this event was officially announced, both the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's and my personal Twitter account were besieged with messages and warnings from a small but very vocal community of Bigfoot enthusiasts who shall from henceforth be referred to as the Illumiyeti. They don’t exactly agree with Dyer’s claims or methods. The Illumiyeti's weapon of choice? YouTube videos. I love how this group believes the best way to present their message to the world is by setting it to a heavy metal soundtrack. Head bang to the “truth!”

In the end, though, it is up to you to discover the truth. Or, at the very least, have a good time. And that’s the one and only thing we can guarantee – this is an event that will entertain you to your core. Not to oversell An Evening with Bigfoot, but this might just be the most entertaining night of your life.