Jason Statham Says No To TRANSPORTER 4 But Yes To THE MECHANIC 2

Maybe he momentarily forgot what words mean?

Aside from the fact that each of his films will likely involve action at some point, it's difficult to predict what kind of movies Jason Statham will appear in next. For instance, Luc Besson totally has a Transporter 4 in the works. Actually, it's a Transporter 4, 5, and 6. But Statham will not appear in any of these films. The new trilogy is supposed to follow the adventures of a younger Transporter as sort of an origin story. But it's hard to believe they were so focused on that idea that they never even asked if he was interested.

So Statham won't be in Transporter 4 (or 5 or 6). That's okay. Someone else can drive a car really fast while wearing fancy suits and letting bad guys cover their body in oil. What's curious is the film Statham has agreed to make: The Mechanic 2.

I've said there's no "stock" Jason Statham film in the past, but I might be wrong when it comes to The Mechanic. There's basically nothing to Statham's character. The plot revolves mostly around Statham's protege, played by Ben Foster. Take him out of the picture, which Jason Statham does in the first film, and you have nothing left. Of all the Statham movies to sequelize, this has to be the most boring possible choice. Unless the whole film is about that character's awesome record player. If so, I take back everything I just said.

Either way, it's happening. Statham is ready to go and German director Dennis Gansel (director of Gansel & Hretel: Hitch Wunters) is in talks to helm the film.

So there you go. It looks like there's going to be a Mechanic 2. Maybe it will go the Ninja 2 route and make the first film completely obsolete. Meanwhile, we all get to look forward to this Statham-free Transporter Prequel Trilogy, a five-word combination that robs strawberries of their color and teaches children not to laugh.