Lady Sif: Made-For-TV Version

How to turn cinematic wardrobe into a Halloween costume.

There's a big push for redemption currently going on regarding Agents of SHIELD. Part of that involves an arc from Bill Paxton. Part of that involves Deathlok. And part of that involves an appearance from Thor character, Lady Sif. Above we have a photo of what that last one will look like.

I know some of you have grown tired of the constant negativity toward this show, but this photo kind of illustrates what I don't like about it. Lady Sif looks like a cosplayer. She's standing in front of that red car that always feels way less cool than the show avers. I don't know who she's about to speak with, but I have great confidence it will be someone boring. So there you go: It looks cheap. It's not as clever as it thinks. And the characters are not interesting. All in one photo. Kinda.

Do you think this show can be saved? If so, what would it take? Can it happen by the end of this season? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter because I really wanted this to be a good show. If it honestly got turned around I'd be back in a heartbeat.