Pay To See A ROBOCOP, Get The 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE For Free!

Well, a 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE extended look, anyway.

RoboCop comes out in just a couple days. The film is actually already out in the UK and there have been enough positive reviews to indicate that it probably won't end up being the joyful I, Franken-mess we expected. That means it's going to have to get by on being a real movie instead.

While that's a whole different conversation, those looking forward to seeing RoboCop in IMAX will get a special treat in the form of a 300: Rise of an Empire extended look. This will show off 300: 2's ability to recapture the original 300's visual aesthetic and assure audiences that it's actually an upcoming theatrical release, not a VOD movie or fancy video game.

I like this pairing of theatrical B-movie films. If I weren't against seeing films on fake, shopping mall IMAX screens, and if I had the energy to sit through a super-long trailer after 20 minutes of regular sized trailers, I would totally take advantage of this.