HBO Is Doing Something Cool With Jack Black and Tim Robbins

Get ready for THE BRINK.

Jay Roach did a pilot called The Brink for HBO which starred Jack Black and Tim Robbins. So it should come as no surprise that HBO gave the show a series order. I know we can sometimes get a little down on Jack Black, but funny Tim Robbins is always funny.

Deadline describes The Brink as an "epic dark comedy." The plot has something to do with a geopolitical crisis, but I'm focusing more on this epic dark comedy line. Does that mean it has a big scope? Or is the dark comedy just so pitch black it could only be described as epic? I hope it's the latter.

Meanwhile in other television news, there will soon be a show on Canadian television starring Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, and Chris Elliot. It doesn't matter what the show it about. All that matters is that it's called Schitt's Creek. This is the greatest name for a television show ever. I kind of hope it tanks just for all the funny "The Ratings are Up Schitt's Creek" headlines I'll be seeing in the multitude of Canadian newspapers I read on a daily basis. Seriously: Schitt's Creek. Canadian Newscasters will have to say it.

So there you go. Come for the HBO news. Stay for Schitt's Creek. That's the Badass Digest difference.