Paul Walker Teams With Flipping Fool In The BRICK MANSIONS Trailer

All bets are off if The Punisher shows up.

I not only forgot all about Brick Mansions, the American remake of District B13, but when I first heard news of this trailer today, I momentarily forgot that Paul Walker died at all. That was kind of an unexpected bummer.

Nevertheless, this movie looks like it could be fun, if you thought District B13 was fun, anyway. If not, I doubt you'll find much to enjoy here. As remakes go, this one seems not only very, very late but also a bit too much like the original. There's even a fat guy!

I'll probably be there. I want to see another Paul Walker movie. Parkour, when not super obnoxious, can be fun. And I'm always looking forward to opportunities which allow me to listen to RZA try to speak.

Brick Mansions opens April 25, which is sooner than I expected. Hopefully by that time I have a replacement mind for the one blown by Captain America (read in the voice of Tobias Funke, please).