Take A Bite Out Of This Trailer For WOLVES

Selling point #1: The older werewolves smoke pipes.

Wolves, the directorial debut of David Hayter, looks stupid and cheesy. It also looks gory and fun. This trailer does a good job of letting you roll your eyes before signing you on as a willing attendee. Maybe it's just me, but there's a line where stupid and cheesy becomes awesome, and this trailer crosses that line around the time I realized that all the old werewolves were smoking big pipes. What the shit is that about.

It looks like the plot involves a lot of werewolf infighting between Jason Mimosa and a handsome stack of twigs held together with clumsily discarded semen and hair gel. It's going to take a lot to even see this protagonist as more than an obnoxious fly to Momomo, but I'm sure Wolves will find a way let us all pretend it succeeded.

The trailer comes courtesy of Shock Till You Drop. Wolves will be released sometime this summer by Ketchup Entertainment. I did not bother looking that name up to see if it was for real or not.