THE PURGE: ANARCHY Looks To Have Actual Purging

Watch the teaser trailer for the quickie sequel.

The Purge really stunk for a bunch of reasons, but chief among them was that the film's basic conceit - in a future fascist America there is an annual night of violent release intended to cull the poor - was ignored in favor of generic, badly done home invasion stuff. The cool scifi premise was just a background to yet another variation on The Strangers et al. Basically the most interesting part of The Purge was the opening credits, where the concept was establishing. 

The movie did pretty well at the box office (especially in comparison to the budget) so they're back with a sequel. The good news is that this time The Purge: Anarchy looks to actually have some Purging in it, as the two leads get stuck out in the open on Purge Night and have to deal with roaming hordes of murderous weirdos. The film comes from the same team who failed to make The Purge work, but I'm hoping that this time, with a wider canvas, they can actually get something good out of the basic idea. 

What do you think? Will you give The Purge: Anarchy a shot in theaters?