And Now, Jaw-Dropping Artwork From The Mondo Gallery’s LAURENT DURIEUX Showcase

The Mondo Gallery kicks off 2014 with one of their strongest showcases to date.

This past Friday, the Mondo Gallery opened its latest showcase, a jaw-dropping collection of work they called The Art of Laurent Durieux. Based out of Brussels, Durieux has been producing artwork with Mondo for some time now, turning in vital pieces of artwork for several of their past gallery efforts (notably their Universal Monsters show) in addition to creating what remains the single best Iron Giant poster ever gazed upon by human eyes:

This, however, was Durieux's first solo show. As you'll see below, he did not disappoint.

The showcase didn't have any particular theme, though with posters for Psycho, Rear Window, The Birds (which received two prints, actually), and Vertigo, it came fairly close to being an all-Hitchcock affair. The variant edition of Rear Window (directly below), with its clever use of depth and the creepy eyes/binocular gag happening at the center of the piece, was particularly haunting:

The Back to The Future posters seemed to generate the most excitement among those I spoke to during the event (the word on the street was that a third piece-- one representing the third film in the series, obviously-- is forthcoming). Check out the way Durieux blended the titles into the prints themselves. Pretty neat, no? 

Also pretty neat? The variant editions on these Back to The Future prints featured Glow-in-The-Dark inks. Really striking stuff. But then, virtually every piece Durieux turned in for this showcase was striking.

The truth is, screenprinted movie posters are being created and released at an incredible rate these days. In the wake of Mondo's enormous success, galleries have sprung up in virtually every major city, all of them dropping so much new content into the wild that it's kind of inevitable that a lot of it has started to seem uninspired and boringly similar, almost as though it's being created via formula. Not so with these Durieux pieces. There's a sophistication and a classiness at play in these pieces that you'd be hard-pressed to find in the work of many, many other artists.

I know I'm rooting for the home team here, but I speak the truth: this was one of the Mondo Gallery's all-time best showcases, and might be the best one-man showcase they've ever done. If you're going to be in the Austin area in the next few weeks, make a point to stop by the Mondo Gallery and see these for yourself: the jpegs really only do partial justice to Durieux's work, and there's a ton of original artwork (in-progress sketches and the like) on display there, as well.

And if you're not going to be in Austin before this year's SXSW Film Festival (during which Mondo's going to be running two new shows: a Disney-themed one to open the Festival and a Martin Ansin/Kevin Tong two-hander that'll happen one week later), head on over to the Mondo Gallery site to check out some of those original sketches for yourselves.