John Cusack And Thomas Jane Get Goofy In The DRIVE HARD Trailer

Rubber bullet buggy bumper.

Earlier today I complained about the awful new Single Moms Club trailer. So forgive me if I repeat myself when I say this Drive Hard trailer has some seriously bad editing. It looks like it was cut for the DTV market twenty years ago. I'm shocked it made the journey to my computer screen.

But that doesn't change the fact that I'm going to see the shit out of this film. A goofy (after years of just being weird and creepy) John Cusack pulling a Collateral with a funny-haired Thomas Jane (aka, The Fun Aaron Eckhart)? And it's also from Brian Trenchard-Smith, director of BMX Bandits, Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 4, The Quest (the one with Henry Thomas) and several episodes of Silk Stockings? Where do I sign up for this? Bad trailer or no, this movie looks like it was built in the same laboratory where I get my Flyin' with Vin Diesel dreams.

Brought to you by Voltage Pictures, Drive Hard will come out later this year. Hopefully it will first get a better trailer. I refuse to believe this is an accurate summation of the film's qualities. Even if it is.