Watch Spike Jonze And Karen O Perform The Moon Song From HER

A live acoustic performance happened on the radio this morning!

Spike Jonze, Karen O and KK Barrett (Spike's longtime production designer) appeared on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic and did an acoustic version of The Moon Song from Her, and it was a lovely and sweet moment. It's cool seeing Spike accompanying Karen on guitar and doing vocals with her, even if he isn't wearing any socks (seriously, men not wearing socks is one of my huge pet peeves with the east side of Los Angeles). 

If you are reading this during the 10 o'clock hour on the west coast, the trio may still be on the radio (they are as I write this). You can listen to them live on the internet here. And if you're so inclined, you should donate to KCRW, a public radio station. They have a new film show, Press Play, that I've guested on and it looks like they'll be having me back in the future, which makes them officially cool people and good friends of ours!