Cameron Crow To Give Us Heartfelt Socks For Christmas

It's not the BB gun you wanted, but at least your toes will be warm.

Every Christmas dinner needs an equally pleasing dessert. Last year, we got The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This year we will get Cameron Crowe's Untitled Hawaii Movie Starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone.

How will it taste? No one knows for sure, but it's likely to be very sweet. The whole family will enjoy the message. Audience members old and young will be able to nudge one another whenever they recognize a song from the soundtrack. Life lessons will be learned. And then you can all go back to hating each other and drinking a lot.

Apparently the story has to do with a guy who wants to launch a missile satellite, but an Air Force pilot tries to change his mind. There's also something in the synopsis about mystical island forces. I don't think enough time has passed since Lost for anyone to talk about mystical island forces in dramatic fiction and still be taken seriously. But Cameron Crowe is going for it anyway.