Is Ron Howard Heading Into THE JUNGLE (BOOK)?

The auteur may bring his recognizable style to the Kipling classic.

It's not a fashionable time to be down on Ron Howard. His last film, Rush, was kind of awesome. But that doesn't change the director's standing as someone to whom movies just seem to happen. Like he went for a pleasant stroll and happened to find Cocoon asleep on a bench, snoring loudly. "I guess I should bring this thing home and give it some milk or something," thought Ron Howard.

Warner Bros. has had a rough time getting their live-action version of The Jungle Book going. Alejandro Gonzalex Inarritu was going to direct but had to drop out when Warner Bros.' accounting department misspelled his name on one too many paychecks (aka, "scheduling reasons"). So now they're turning to Ron Howard to make it happen. His name is super easy to spell.

Howard is still just in talks, so all you The Jungle Book fanboys need to take it easy before throwing any parties. It seems likely he'll join the project, but you never know.