Badass Trivia Teams Announced!

Find out if you made the cut to compete at the highest level of trivia greatness.

Thursday February 27th is going to be the first Badass Trivia Night at Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City and our official roster of teams has been decided. I didn't know how this would do - I knew there would be interest, and that we had limited space, but I didn't know that we would see a deluge of people trying to sign up. We had about ten teams too many attempt to sign up, and I am bummed that not everyone could get in (this is all about space). In an attempt to make it a little fairer for those who weren't sitting on the Facebook page at the exact moment sign-ups began, I've decided to institute a wildcard system, picking one other team at random to round out the complete group. I think it's fair and it gives everybody a chance of getting in, not just the most punctual folks (it seriously filled up in about one minute). 

Without further ado, here are the teams. I'll be posting this on the Facebook page as well so that everybody knows they made it in. 

Doors are at 6:30, trivia is at 8. Come early to order food and drink - service ends when the game begins. 

Wyld Stallyns
Meet The Feebles
Lone Rangers
Project Mayhem
Eaglebauer Enterprises
Hotel Rwanda
John Roadhouse
Little Lebowski
Keep The Change You Filthy Animals
The Shanks
Burton's Mullet
Ted Knight Rises
Major Paynes
Aggressive Foreplay
Setec Astronomy


If for some reason your team is unable to make it, please let us know ASAP. And if your team is looking for more members (we really recommend a well-rounded team of 4), feel free to recruit here or on our Facebook page