Lee Daniels And Terrence Howard To Weird-Up Your TV With EMPIRE

Li'l Danny Strong is coming along as well.

While I thought Lee Daniels' The Butler looked more like bad sketch comedy than a serious examination America's Civil Rights Movement, I still have a soft spot in my heart for Lee Daniels. Even with all of The Butler's "important movie" posing, he still managed to throw some weird shit in there and make the film perversely enjoyable.

So I'm curious about his possible upcoming television show, Empire, a "unique family drama set in the world of a hip-hop empire," according to Deadline. Daniels, along with The Butler screenwriter Danny Strong, will make a pilot for FOX with Terrence Howard starring as Mr. Empire. That's not really his character's name. Unless it is. It probably is.

Television is not so different from film these days that Daniels can't fill this show with his signature insanity, however muted. If he got it into The Butler, he can get it here, too. The problem is his ultimate involvement. After directing the pilot, Daniels isn't likely to be running this ship should it go to series. And without that Daniels flavor, this sounds like it could be a little boring. My fingers are crossed.