Michel Gondry Swedes TAXI DRIVER

Starring Michel Gondry as Travis Bickle!

Old news ahoy. You may have seen this back in 2011 when it premiered, but I missed it (and I think we were just getting this website up and runnning at the time), so I'm sharing it with you now. It's Michel Gondry doing a sweded version of Taxi Driver, and it's amazing. Sweding, you'll recall, is the basic concept behind Gondry's Be Kind Rewind, and it's all about remaking movies using the lowest-fi technology possible. The sweded version of Taxi Driver is brilliant, and the way Gondry acheives the final shootout and the long shot of the carnage in the hallways is actually lovely and sweet. 

Hey, this is a good time to remind you that Drafthouse Films bought the latest Gondry film, Mood Indigo. Maybe we should start featuring more cool Gondry stuff here.