God Demands You Watch The SON OF GOD Trailer

Both the regular and Lego version, He says.

If there's one bad movie I'm looking forward to this spring, it's Son of God. Even more than the new Tyler Perry joint, this movie has my number. I saw the first trailer for it before The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (I think), and I couldn't believe my eyes. The part where he's walking on water? Holy Shit. The way we're told to "witness the story in large format theaters?" Holy holy shit.

Yesterday a new trailer came out for the film, and while it's not as good as the first, it still gets me excited for the film's February 28 release. If you'd like a hint of what that first trailer looked like, here it is in Lego form

Sometimes you just have to do some chores. You may not want to see this film, but God demands it, and you don't want to wrassle with that guy. Church people have already purchased half a million tickets for the film, so it's clearly going to be an Avatar-level success. You don't want to get left out, do you? Like you did when the Rapture happened?