Godzilla Joins The Back-to-the-Camera Club In Great New Poster

Oh no, there goes Tokyo... wait, San Francisco?

Yahoo! has debuted the latest poster for the new Godzilla reboot, and it's pretty damn good. Sure, it's yet another in the modern series of 'back to the camera' posters, but when the back looks like that, who cares! It's one of our best looks at the new iteration of Godzilla, and it confirms what the leaked images have told us before: pretty pretty pretty good. 

The poster has Godzilla tearing through San Francisco (wouldn't do to have him in Japan in an American movie), and you can get some sense of scale from the Transamerica Pyramid, which is about 50 stories tall before we get to the needle. That makes this Godzilla well over 100 stories tall! That's a big monster; he won't be getting lost between buildings like he did in the Emmerich version.