The Poster For Ti West’s THE SACRAMENT Will Sack Your Rament

Clever headlines at any cost: The Badass Digest Promise.

People seem to really enjoy The Sacrament, even people who don't normally like Ti West. Here are BAD, the film won favorable reviews from both Phil and Brian when it screened at Fantastic Fest.

If I understand correctly, The Sacrament is kind of a slower, way less explosive version of "Safe Haven," Timo Tjahjanto and Gareth Evans' contribution to V/H/S/2. Some unsuspecting folks find themselves among a scary cult. There's a charismatic leader. And tons of probably horrible stuff goes down. Sounds good to me.

A Red Band trailer for the film will come out tomorrow, but until then, feast your eyes on the above poster, which actually manages to creep me out. I love that the image focuses on Gene Jones (though every time I look at it I think it's actually the now-deceased Roy Brocksmith) rather than its super hunky cast of male models like AJ Bowen & Joe Swanberg. Something about Jones unsettles me and makes me actually want to see the film despite counting myself as one of those poor souls who doesn't care much for Ti West's output thus far. If nothing else, it'll probably be better than Red State.